Wedding Planning During a Pandemic

How we can help.

So this pandemic doesn’t seem to be going anywhere too quickly…and one of the most common emails we are getting from couples is about how stressful trying to plan a wedding during a pandemic is. Trust us…we get it! So….we thought we’d try to do what we can to help by sharing some advice and tips on how to keep your wedding plans on track, while we all try to weather this coronavirus storm together! Here’s a few top tips to help you on your wedding planning way…

KEEP PLANNING – Has there ever been a better time to plan a wedding!? Talk about needing something to take your mind off the outside stresses of the world and focus on the positive things in life! You’ll need no excuse for browsing Pinterest for hours on end and dreaming up just how you’d like your wedding day to look! So don’t let the stress and uncertainty of this temporary time take the fun out of it…use it to your advantage and get that epic Pinterest board underway while you’ve got the time! And feel free to check out some of the amazing hire options over at our partner company – Queenstown Wedding Hire – have a browse through their Galleries and Look Books for loads of stylish wedding inspiration!

STAY FLEXIBLE – We don’t know what we don’t know – and, it is literally anyone’s best guess at this stage when or how domestic travel or even the international borders are going to reopen.

So what does that mean for destination wedding plans? Well, we think it’s pretty important to talk to all your suppliers and vendors to discuss flexibility around your wedding date (whether you’ve already booked a date or are looking to book a date). You may be surprised with how easy it is move your wedding date at this stage (when in the past it would have cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to adjust a date). See below for more details on how we are managing this for our couples!

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX – Let’s be honest, we aren’t sure if and when a BIG wedding is going to be an option again, even after travel restrictions are lifted – there may still be limits on larger gatherings (thinking 100ppl+ here) for some time. Don’t let that get you down, just shift your mindset to think about how you might still be able to have all your friends and family there on your wedding day!

Now may be the perfect time to think about planning a smaller wedding but live streaming the ceremony to your wider friends and family around the world – this option saves money but keeps everyone involved on the wedding day – win/win in our book!


CONSIDER YOUR BUDGET WISELY – Have a good think about what’s important to you as a couple. Does that large wedding with all the trimmings feel a bit out of reach now financially? Don’t be discouraged, there are SO many amazing ways to get married…and they all can make for lifelong memories…many that can be a bit friendlier on the budget!

Micro weddings are gaining in popularity like never before thanks to COVID….but for good reason! Elopement and intimate weddings are designed to be just about the two of you…and these smaller wedding options often allow you to spend your budget on all the little details that your wedding dreams are made of!

Now might be the perfect time to check out our elopement, intimate or small wedding packages – you may be surprised at all these incredible options and how affordable an epic wedding can really be!

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 LET US HELP – We are here to help, so come have a chat about how we can turn those wedding dreams into reality for you! We know confirming wedding plans during this uncertain time can feel a little daunting, so we have put in a place a few simple steps to keep things as stress free as possible! See below for some details on how we can help:


We know it can be a little scary locking in any dates during this time, so we are guaranteeing the option to change your wedding date with us should your wedding plans become affected by the coronavirus pandemic and resulting government imposed travel restrictions – either by the NZ government or your home country. We’ve done this for all our current wedding couples and we will continue to do it for any new bookings as well – hopefully we are all on the other side of this pandemic before long, but in the meantime hopefully this gives everyone a bit of piece of mind knowing they won’t lose deposits or have their wedding plans cancelled if things in the future do change that are outside of our control.


You can now secure any of our services or all inclusive wedding packages with a 25% deposit (normally 50%) to help you lock in a date at the current rates, but with a bit of extra time to pull together the rest of your deposit. Final payments are still due 30 days prior to the wedding, and the remaining 25% of the deposit will become due 4 months prior to your wedding date.


We are still 100% committed to making your wedding day dreams come true. So whether it’s an elopement for just the two of you, or a big celebration with all your friends and family…we’ll be right by your side turning your wedding day vision into a reality! Want to hear what our couples say about their wedding planning experience with us…check out our online reviews here, here and here!

Thanks to Carla Mitchell and Rich Bayley for the fab images above!